What We Do

Each member of our team is an expert in mobile technology. From product development, design, native development, QA, and ongoing support, we specialize in all phases of the project lifecycle. After 7 years and over 200 mobile apps, we have a proven track record of designing and developing innovative mobile products that are better, faster, and more cost-effective than the majority of our competition.


Mobile Development

We develop across both iOS and Android platforms using the latest technologies. Leveraging years of experience, we build performance-critical apps tailored to the nuances of each platform.

UI/UX Design

We take pride in creating experiences that delight users. Our expertise empowers us to design apps that are easy to use, accessible, and reflect your brand. We transform user interaction into user action.

QA Testing

Testing is tightly integrated into our development process. An extensive test plan is created for each project and our QA team tests on device every sprint.

Visual Design

Apps should look as exceptional as they run. Our designers create beautiful screens and components that users want to interact with. Every pixel crafted with care in our San Francisco office.

Web Apps

No matter the device, your app will look brilliant. We promise. Your app will render correctly on desktop, tablet, and mobile - appealing to users anywhere.

Back-End Development

We’re server-side development experts. We can recommend a technology stack to meet your unique needs or work with your organization’s established systems. Our engineers are experienced in creating custom API layers to make data retrieval seamless.

Our Process

Your Idea

A great idea needs the right people to make it a reality. Our team will work with you to understand your vision and business objectives. We’ll then develop a strategy to take your product from the drawing board to the market.

Strategy & Discover

Every decision we make is based on research. Before creating any mobile solution, we evaluate the business objectives of each project, the desires of stakeholders, and balance all of it with the needs of users. We examine the competitive environment as well as the technological landscape to develop a comprehensive list of needs, features, and requirements. Your app will be unique, competitive, and reflect your brand.

UX Design

We love people. By focusing on the audience’s needs, we create unforgettable user experiences that make your app stand out. We design user journeys and wireframes to create an unparalleled view of the user experience.

UI Design

Good design should delight the user. We enjoy the harmony achieved when a well thought out UX meets a beautifully designed user interface. You will too.


No matter the platform, we’ve got you covered. We create highly polished native apps for iOS, Android, and, Windows mobile platforms. Appstem provides full stack development services with every line of code carefully crafted in our San Francisco office. We never offshore any work because we think the most talented people in the world are already here in our city by the bay.

QA & Testing

Your app should work the way it was designed. When users launch your app we want them to have an experience that’s delightful, reliable, and makes your brand shine. That’s why we methodically test every app in-house. We squash bugs to achieve the highest quality with every project.


Whether it’s your first rodeo or your hundredth, we’re with you every step of the way from initial app development through release onto mobile device’s everywhere. When we’re done, you receive a nicely packaged bundle of code and a one of a kind product that’s all yours - the way it should be.


The day you release your app is the first day of it’s life. We’re here to help your app grow and stay healthy. Our team has extensive experience supporting projects post-release, providing maintenance and improvements as your needs evolve.