iOS Development, Android Development, Web DevelopmentDUFL wanted an iOS and Android app to help simplify the travel process by enabling users to virtually pack, send, and maintain a closet of business attire while on the go.

Pack Your Virtual Closet

DUFL is a premium travel service that is a personal valet, bringing your clothes to you when you travel. Users ship their clothes to DUFL where they are photographed and stored. When a DUFL user travels they use the iOS or Android app to ‘virtually’ pack their bag. Users browse their virtual closet, selecting the items they want packed. Their packed bag arrives at their destination when they do. When it’s time to head home a pickup is scheduled through the intuitive user interface.

Browse a virtual closet

Users can easily browse their wardrobe in Dufl’s virtual closet. The intuitive interface makes it easy to select the items to be packed for their next trip.

Schedule your bag’s deliver

Using the Dufl iOS or Android app it’s easy for users to schedule trips, ensuring their bag will arrive at their destination when they do.

Keep track of your trips

Users can seemlessly build an itinerary for upcoming trips, improving their travel experience.


Vote the "Best New Travel App" of 2015 by USA Today, DUFL is a premium travel service that simplifies business travel by shipping, cleaning and storing business attire. DUFL stores clothing in a personal DUFL closet, and allows people to virtually 'pack' by selecting clothing items from within their app. DUFL is revolutionizing the way people pack and transport their attire throughout their travels.


iOS Development, Back-end Development

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