UX Design, UI Design, iOS Development, Android DevelopmentA health and wellness solution serving both companies and individuals, hubbub encourages better fitness by rewarding employees for consistently participating in a variety of healthy activities.

Helping to Build Healthy Habbits

Changing habits to live a healthier lifestyle is challenging for everyone. Hubbub aims to make that easier by providing a positive community where users create and participate in wellness challenges, encourage each other, and are rewarded for consistently participating. Through the platform, users can easily create, join, and track challenges so they can earn badges and rewards. Employers can sponsor employees, encouraging a healthier workforce and lower insurance costs.
After five years on the market and attracting a devoted audience, it was time to update hubbub’s mobile solutions. Our team collaborated with hubbub’s in-house product manager and back-end developers to overhaul the hubbub mobile solutions. We started by assessing the current state of the mobile solutions and developing a series of recommendations for improving the user experience. Based on those recommendations and stakeholder input, our design team created a new, intuitive UI. Appstem’s expert mobile developers then developed native solutions for iOS and Android devices.

Getting started is easy

Discovering relevant challenges on the hubbub platform is as easy as taking a 5-minute quiz. By answering the hubbub360 players are given a curated set of challenges to help them achieve their wellness goals.

Join challenges

Players can join the challenges that meet their fitness goals, check-in activites, and encourage other players. Integration with a variety of fitness trackers makes challenge check-ins a breeze.

Personalized coaching

Players can now received personalized coaching to guide them towards achieving their wellness goals. Browse through the coaches and find one who has the specialty you’re looking for. Communicate with the coach directly on the platform.


Hubbub, a Cambia Health company, developed a customizable corporate wellness program that seamlessly uses technology, activity trackers, targeted incentives and game mechanics to turn things we all need to be doing-like drinking more water or taking the stairs-into motivating challenges that help people achieve a healthier lifestyle. Their app aims to improve employee wellness while employers benefit from healthier and happier employees.


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