iOS Development, Android Development, UI DesignKeyMe is a secure and convenient way to copy, share, and personalize keys by allowing customers to save copies of their keys and digitally store and share them.

A Locksmith at Your Fingertips

Allowing customers to create and save digital copies of their keys has allowed KeyMe to revolutionize the key making industry. To provide their customers with a secure and convenient way to copy, share and personalize keys, we developed an iOS and Android app. The app also helps solve frustrating lockouts by enabling customers to alert KeyMe to receive prompt assistance when they are locked out.

Never lose your keys again

KeyMe makes it easy to keep digital copies of your keys in the cloud and have phsical copies delivered anywhere you want.

Customize your keys

Choose from over a 100 designs to make your key unique.

Create and share copies

Snap a photo of your key and the app analyses the key, creating a perfect digital copy. Easily share the key by emailing or texting to friends and family.


Founded in 2014, New York based KeyMe developes an application that makes copying and sharing digital copies of your keys more convenient, affordable, and more accurate than calling a locksmith. KeyMe users can duplicate their keys through the mobile platform or the kiosks found in stores such as Bed Bath & Beyond and 7-11.


UI/UX Design, iOS Development, Back-end Development

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